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Roald Dahl responds.

March 23, 2015 – 12:31 pm | No Comment

When a 17-year-old boy wrote to legendary author Roald Dahl in 1980 asking for feedback on a short story he’d written, he hardly dared hope he would get a response.
When …

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Wynn Everett »

second draft

March 25, 2015 – 7:13 am | One Comment

second draft
by Wynn Everett

this is not hillbilly folk singing
he insisted, there is form,
a necessary pattern,

no need for commas
breaking the rhythm
the syntactic unit

subtracts from the world
while removing punctuation
allows for the divine

don’t rhyme
it reads beginner
aren’t we beginning?

fight against first person
keep tone universal
punctuation undercuts

movement, as many end stops
can be interesting but also
expose your lack of education

and your theme, he said,
a theme overdone,

but more interesting – the enemy.
if one can find a muse to hate
aggravating enough to justify the ink

write away, dig deeply
with smiling pens
deaf and exploding,


The Juice Bar at the Holocaust

March 24, 2015 – 6:24 am | No Comment

The Juice Bar at the Holocaust
by Bill Shively
The abrupt end to some of the things I’ve
done asleep, or between,
is often not enough
The challenge is
creating in the predawn movement
a herringbone that …

At work the day after

March 23, 2015 – 5:17 am | One Comment

At work the day after
for Maggie
By Mary Ann Sullivan
She of hall pulled through
The air
The surge of knowing
After morning weep
And words through air vibration sent her
evening sleep
and on the morrow
in the …

Response to a Letter Recently Received

March 22, 2015 – 5:22 am | No Comment

Response to a Letter Recently Received
by Donal Mahoney
Dear Margaret,
Your life as explained in your letter recently received is very difficult to read. It’s been 40 years since we last saw …

Rummage Sale

March 21, 2015 – 4:20 am | One Comment

Rummage Sale
by Jennifer Maier
Forgive me, Aunt Phyllis, for rejecting the cut
glass dishes—the odd set you gathered piece
by piece from thirteen boxes of Lux laundry soap.
Pardon me, eggbeater, for preferring the …


March 20, 2015 – 5:43 am | One Comment

by Grace Paley
Life is as risky
as it is branchy
treetop and twigtip
are only the beginning
then comes the westwind to lean
and the northwind to turn
then the sunshine implores
and up all of us …

Man Dons Scuba Gear, Saves Wife in Flood

March 19, 2015 – 8:18 am | No Comment

Man Dons Scuba Gear, Saves Wife in Flood
by Jennifer L. Freed

“Not willing to wait until the government or any international organization did, or did not, arrive to rescue his wife …

What Was It?

March 18, 2015 – 5:28 am | 2 Comments

What Was It?
By Jennifer Moxley
I was eating my dinner alone,
sitting on the living-room couch
watching a movie on TV for company
when the forces your covetous presence prevents
slowly crawled out in fibrous …


March 17, 2015 – 7:02 am | No Comment

by Bill Shively
She showed you which way the arrows angled
in the dark,
stitching a white jagged suture
across a torn night’s flesh
of snowmass and sagebursh,
the moon crying
between blinding squalls.
When you couldn’t …

Real Life

March 16, 2015 – 5:34 am | One Comment

Real Life
by Kim Addonizio
Here we walk without wallets,
no keys to anything. The gates
swing open, we move among the
cows, hot hills, at night through wet
foxtails; the kitchen light hums
winged things circle …

A Night In Harlem

March 15, 2015 – 9:16 am | No Comment

A Night In Harlem
by Lana Bell
Darkness dives upon Harlem,
tearing off the moon from the knife-edged snow
splinters of gold bleed the ground,
and smear the lidded heads of thick human throng.
Set bay …


March 14, 2015 – 5:13 am | One Comment

by Volodymyr Bilyk
husk of the preparedness
then – exercise
odds of effete wreck
then – plot
the shirk
in “lend-a-hand”-routine
then –
storm in retort –
the crest of incident


March 13, 2015 – 5:11 am | One Comment

by Gary Hewitt
Hand hovers
Fingers flap
Wasted web
Curiosity crushed
Flies flee
Spinner summoned
Arachnid abdicates
Human’s home
Idiot inspects
Eggs exhumed
Weaver wanders
Towards tower
Garden grief
Gnats gyrate
Deathwatch despair
Prison pounces
Venom vivifies
Fangs fillet
Manmade mistake
Home hacked
Nourished neighbour.


March 12, 2015 – 6:09 am | No Comment

by Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois
In the Church of the Virgin of Guadelupe
my teeth hurt so bad
tears run down the Virgin’s face
but I pull out my scratch pad
and begin to write my …

Ghost Walks 36

March 11, 2015 – 5:00 am | One Comment

Ghost Walks 36
by Christopher Barnes


March 10, 2015 – 7:53 am | 2 Comments

by Randall Nicholas
In a garbage can in the garage
I store the seed
to feed the birds,
its lid shut tight
and covered with a heavy rug
to keep it …

Dog and Snow

March 9, 2015 – 7:36 am | 2 Comments

Dog and Snow
by Paul Piper
Dog sees white. Arctic
light, the bright buzz in the brain
of pure crystal adrenaline. In a flash
he is out the door and across the street
looking for snowshoe …

Book Review of The Humans

March 7, 2015 – 12:03 pm | One Comment

The Humans by Matt Haig
Book review by Ben Macnair
Cannongate Publishing – £7.99
Professor Andrew Martin is dead,only to his family, the people of Cambridge who are witness to his naked perambulations, …

house broke

March 4, 2015 – 10:12 am | 2 Comments

House Broke
By: Halifax
disposable income
less than 1% or the dehumanizing effects of wealth
the rich are our pets
we walk them around
with baggies handy
we spoil them rotten
make them the best
kibble and sports cars
they …

Skies Command the Ego Dogs

February 28, 2015 – 4:09 pm | No Comment

Skies Command the Ego Dogs
by Pat A Physics
At night, the machine sleeps insect sleep with the crushed tablet
in its water tube attachments. You dream about it, the solvent,
and parts of …

When You Hugged Me

February 27, 2015 – 5:53 am | One Comment

When You Hugged Me
by Travis Catsull
water mouth waits there
sitting on the counter
boiling my moccasins
into the morning
with a can of ham saved
for the rest of our lives
we are only a few
less …

The Girls of Winter

February 26, 2015 – 5:37 am | 2 Comments

The Girls of Winter
By Jim Harrison
Out the window of the bar I’m watching
a circle of girls stretching and yawning
across the street. It’s late January and 74
degrees. They love the heat …

Hard Night

February 25, 2015 – 5:24 am | One Comment

Hard Night
By Christian Wiman
What words or harder gift
does the light require of me
carving from the dark
this difficult tree?
What place or farther peace
do I almost see
emerging from the night
and heart of …

Gathering South Asia Through Our Eyes for Maggie

February 24, 2015 – 6:11 am | No Comment

Gathering South Asia Through Our Eyes
for Maggie
By Mary Ann Sullivan
Of water won and wonder woo
And water lost and arbor under
Sat and yellow pink and yellow
seat and granite bench and there
we …


February 23, 2015 – 5:07 am | No Comment

by Santiago del Dardano Turann
The first rain
Of the fall
Crept in stealth
Just at dawn
In a tap
On the glass
What I felt
On my bones
Was a flow
Of wet life. …

Where Did It Go?

February 22, 2015 – 5:00 am | One Comment

Where Did It Go?
by Jeff Dutko
Where did it go?
The salt of the city
that seasoned our conversations
and spiked our efforts with exuberance
This earthen city, now plain and dry
left with only …

If I Were Just a Body.

February 21, 2015 – 6:46 am | No Comment

If I Were Just a Body.
by Pride Ed
An autopsy would reveal that I
swallowed too many stars,
and every incision would look
like hideously-done cursive.
The busing inside and out
would be treated like ink …

Glass Factory

February 20, 2015 – 6:54 am | One Comment

Glass Factory
by Doug Draime
For several months
every night
my grandfather
would fall asleep
sitting in front of the television
after dinner, which he would
just pick at and
never finish. Every night
he would
wake with a start
between 8 …


February 19, 2015 – 5:45 am | No Comment

by Patti Smith
I keep trying to figure out what it means
to be american. When I look in myself
I see arabia, venus, nineteenth-century
french but I can’t recognize what
makes me american. I …

The Seasoned Land

February 18, 2015 – 5:52 am | One Comment

The Seasoned Land
by David LaBounty
a summertime weekend.
northern Michigan.
the towns and countryside seasoned
with septic tanks and deer
with churches and clean living
with young and old
either drunk or high
from too much boredom or …

Night Thought

February 17, 2015 – 6:37 am | One Comment

Night Thought
by Bill Knott
Compared to one’s normal clothes, pajamas
are just as caricature as the dreams
they bare: farce-skins, facades, unserious
soft versions of the mode diem, they seem
to have come from a …