In Miniature– Sort of a Monster Mash-Up

Guest Writers

Plymouth Rocks, the Grey Album

by cocteau

“All wordz/ belong to all people [‘cept these].”
— Marty Esworthy

History, c’mon, tell me a story: GAUL!
Three parts! Yeah, one part pet rock,
two parts, poison-dart. Mais, dans

l’obscurité, tous les chats sont gris.
Those flowers in Spring:
a search for luv & glory,
m-m-m-my time, your time–
of a moment, of an aeon,
of a rhyme. Like a rock.
These things/ I offer you
for a lifetime. Time has come.
Sample this: my time is your time.
Like glam-rock, or, fraggle rock
simply, irresistibly, irrevocably
Green Prell. & so fine.
Yeah! You’ mama! Mine,

mine & super-fine! Hunh!

Motha-fuggin’ Yank in a clanky old tank
zo, how how, how-how, howhow

how-how, how do/ y’like me now?

* * * * * *

Coda: (Mental-telepathied,
not necessarily spoken)
Ali-bama//Futu Rama– uh-huh!
B’-bada-bing// Ba-bada-BOUM!
(Note: BOUM! to be mixed over
final note of A Day in the Life)

8 thoughts on “In Miniature– Sort of a Monster Mash-Up

  1. Some parts are so ‘out loud’ spoken word and yet others are so visual custom made for the eye-cooties. Stream of conscious from the subliminal unconscious…always a pleasure to read. Mash-up boomfest. Damn, i guess when a woman comments that she’d like to make love to this poem that’s the bestest compliment ever. lol.

  2. hi, cocteau! i totally wanna make love to this poem! i feel as giddy as a bashful schoolgirl. i’m especially tittilated by fraggle rock&glam rock in the same line. this fondled my funnybones!

    ever so thankfully yours,

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