bird and orange

bird and orange
by dirk michener
Have you ever seen a bird try and pick up an orange?
little bird can’t do it
swoops down and lands on orange
trys and grip it w/ little bird feet
and fly
but it just flaps there
w/ orange on ground
then another bird comes along to help
both birds grasping at the orange and flap
flip flapping away and not moving anywhere
then another bird comes along
a grackle bird and grips onto the orange
3 little birds trying to lift the orange
to fly it over to the nest
behind the Kmart sign so they can eat it
they want to eat it so damn bad
but they don’t have the coordination to fly it
together to do it. so they start pecking at it
they peck the hell out of it and eat it all
even the skin. they they walk over behind the
dumpster and smoke a joint. like the birds in
the cartoons do. adult cartoons.

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