Michael Jackson’s biggest record, “Thriller” ruined the party

Michael Jackson’s biggest record, “Thriller” ruined the party
by smokey farris
Wiping the windows down with offset oilcloth
I had a religious experience on Centrum and Topo Crico.
High school football buddies drew shitake mushrooms with map pencils.
The likenesses were extraordinary. Aquariums heavily peppered with blue stones and glow in the dark tombstones failed to attract even a goldfish.
Seeking sound bites from baby rattles dipped in blood and tied with bat feathers, we tie up the company microphone for more than 7 hours. On the ground level rebel battle flags move like magic carpets. Killers count caroms from rubber bullets. Goats graze ballistics and bone fragments alongside gazelles. The wilderness has become too tart for foraging. The big burly beasts of burden release rose water through wet farts. Men born under the sign of Aquarius chuck cantaloupes into the windshields of approaching earthmovers, as seen in the TV miniseries “Earthworms blood tub”.
Do you want to incapacitate you leaders?
Decapitate yourselves. We’ve tried it.
It works like a bug, willing to feed on dead tomato vines.
It also works it like a dancer on drugs going all night long.
It works harder than Taco Meat and Taffetas at the mall.
It works without further guidance or instruction.
It works without ceasing celestial transmissions.
It’s like clockwork feeding on Menthos, ethos, and spoil.
It’ll work wonders on arthritis and aching muscles, you should try it sometime.

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