Autumn Song

Autumn Song
By Amy Poland
Flies perform lazy ballets
on the lanai…
I watch them as I smoke
my last cigarette.
The branches rustle
in the gentle wind,
in the cool evening.
Kicking russet leaves
with booted feet,
I feel the first hinting of
a passing autumn shower.
From the back porch,
I see the rosebushes
dancing frantically
in the falling rain
to the music of the same
on the tin roof.
The trees are on fire,
and smoke from
burning wheat fields
hanging heavily in the air,
low on the horizon.
Long after the buzzing flies
have turned in for the night,
the moon lights the grass
with blue and silver shadows,
and I wander by starlight
down empty country lanes,
naked in the brisk evening air.
Once home,
I light a roaring fire.
The cocoa warms my soul.

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  1. Which flies?Again as with most poets on this site you need to learn your “craft and sullen art” Too many unnecessary words, eg “them “line three and too many banal adjectives: eg “rustle, gentle, cool,” you are closing off meaning rather than opening it which is what is expected from poetry.Your undiscerning editor is of little help to you.Have you thought about journalism?
    Arthur Broomfield

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