Hypnotized Flute

Hypnotized Flute
by shon.25
…then i’ll resurrect you and make you run a marathon
someone will hand you a cup of boiling noodles
instead of water
and you’ll splash em on yer face
heading into a tunnel
and through a fish eye
with noodles on yer head
at some point hallucinations will catch up to you
ol abe lincoln might run by in yellow spandex
a bear with no skin may be squatting on this edition of the wallstreet
an old lady with pockets full of magnetic jewelry
will bob like a cork
and float away
do not get distracted
there’s a box of donuts waiting at the finish line
and a man with tweezers for eyes
who says he can remove the toughest stain with a winkwink
by now yer skin will have turned pink
so his offer flirts
like the instinct to taste the sour milk
but damn
get a second opinion
this may not even be the finish line
none of the girls are topless
none of em have ribbons in their hair
all the other racers standing around are bald
except for abe
he’s as hairy as a barbershop floor
playing a carrot like a flute, quite convincingly
strands of noodles writhe and lift off yer exhaustion
like hypnotized snakes
the piping of the flute chases you
all the way back to bed
where you die every night
with all the suspense of a bottle tossed off
the roof of the cement temples
ooo.. what’s gonna happen?
it’s nice to see one so young
dedicated to paradox
time seems to hang from a bungee chord
as you round the steps squared by sleep
with a green beer bottle in hand
that busts somewhere on the street below
just before you can let it go
note: the cat on the ledge
is neither living nor dead
just a string of atomic
“i told you so’s”

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