I've Gots That Hawkeye

I’ve Gots That Hawkeye
By Cheyenne Gallion
Where’s Hawkeye goin
With the colonels appendix
Tucked between his arm
And the side of his rib cage
Maybe heading for the bucket
Just waitin for that healthy organ
Player to sing Wichita Lineman
To all the destitute single women
Paintin lines under they’re eyes
And wearing buttercup specials
Thinkin bout Johnny Wonderfuck
Fuckin their brains out
He’s headin for the sacred middleground
Somewhere in the middle
Somewhere past a humble man
And damn Near God
He’s heading for oblivion
Hey Hawkeye, what happened to that guy
You where such good friends with
Did he die
cheyenne gallion

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