Thursday Night Fun

Thursday Night Fun
by matt miller
“Will you?”
She will not.
It calls into question the purpose of existance.
“Will you?”
These were the only words,
That anyone ever heard Jack the Ripper say.
“Will you?”
“Not tonight.”
And my temple is burned.
“Will you?”
After Jack the Ripper’s first kill,
A witness reported seeing a strange man,
Talking to a prostitute.
As the witness passed,
The man asked, “Will you?”
The prostitute answered, “Yes.”
Jack the Ripper strangled his victims.
Then, he cut open their frontsides,
With a sharp knife.
Then he removed some of their organs.
Victorian police had no idea,
What they were dealing with.
A serial killer.
What did Jack the Ripper
Do with those organs?
Did he save them?
Did he eat them?
Did he masturbate on them?
No one knows.
“Will you?”
And I am Jack the Ripper.

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