I'll Make You A Tape

I’ll Make You A Tape
by Stephanie Tallett
Vacuum tubes and some Scotch 201 on one point five millimeter Acetate backing. Small talk and a plastic box. Black, red, age-yellowed white. I’m thinking I’ll slip about seven inches inside. It’ll roll right around all barefaced and raw. Tape noise, gamma harmonics, a good hook. It’s the way God intended me to make you a little rock and roll.
I press Record. Something smells older than us both. Maybe the Acetate. It’s tougher than the Mylar. Guitars, drums, hums. Three tries to run my finger over the reel. Four tries to see the future you in my head. You who will press Play the very next day. Take now and eat both sides of my body. Play. Pause. Play. Stop. Music and my messy love. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be without end. Rewind.

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