Condensing Godot

Condensing Godot
by Anonymous
The Bible . . . (He reflects.)
(coldly.) There are times when I wonder
Is that all there is?
What ails him?
Motionless, side by side, they wait.
You want me to get up?
With pleasure, with pleasure. (He fumbles in his pockets.)
Perhaps it has stopped.
That’s all a pack of lies. (Shaking the Boy by the arm.)
Yes, let’s go.
And all that was yesterday, you say?
Yes, but now we’ll have to find something else.
A recreation.
Where were you? I thought you were gone for ever.
I’m going. (Pause. Louder.) I’m going.
(inspecting the sky). Seven o’clock . . . eight o’clock . . .
Why will you never let me sleep?
It’s too short.

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