Buddhist Math and Catholic Fish-Fry

Buddhist Math and Catholic Fish-Fry
By TW Bond
When I am in Japan, I sometimes work with a small construction company. It is a rainy day in Osaka and I am at Amidaike, a Buddhist temple.
10 men that work 10 hour shifts, 6 days a week, can build a 5 story apartment building in less than 2 months.
Today is the 24th of June and I am helping these 10 men fish out all of the creatures that live in a 60 feet x 60 feet pond that is 20 feet deep, in a 70 year old Buddhist cemetery.
The pond must be re-lined with 2,000 stones and 300 kg of mortar.
So the pond must be slowly drained while we stand around with nets on the ends of 23 foot collapsable poles.
We must gently retrieve all of the 15 pound fish and 12 pound eels without hurting them, for so is the way of the 30 foot Buddha that is watching us.
In 2 rainy days, only 3 fish and 1 eel have been caught.
There are at least 200 more.
8 feet of water has been drained, so the fish and eels have about 12 feet of water remaining.
It has rained 2 inches today and the pond is only draining at 32 liters every 60 seconds.
I prefer Catholic cemeteries. Most of the statues are of women. They have very creepy and elaborate decorations during holidays. A priest in charge could just say, “God told me we could just have a good old-fashioned Catholic fish-fry.”

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  1. yes. eat the damn fish. I remember this one from a few years ago. It almost reads like a math problem: If in 2 days only 3 fish and 1 eel have been caught, while 8 feet of water has already been drained (leaving 12 feet remaining) and it has rained 2 inches so far today with the pond draining at a rate of 32 liters every 60 seconds, how many men working ten hours shifts (using 23 ft collapsible poles) will it take to relocate a population of 200 fish (plus eels) and still drain the pond?

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