By Michael Frey
I was sitting comfortably on an airplane,
until a blonde woman pushed me out
and I fell fast toward earth.
I felt the mighty pull of gravity as
the air blew hard into my face
loudly invading my ears when I turned my head thus.
Soon I could begin to see the land below,
The earth I would shortly collide with.
It was a vast (unusual) corn field.
Unusual, for inside each ear of corn was a
baseball sized red ruby.
And the soil surrounding the corn,
was mined with grenades.
I hoped that after the collision I would be reincarnated
as a red ruby hidden in the corn
and that I would see into death’s dark closet.
To know the strangeness of killing a man in a dark cave
and the secret of two strangers shouting over elevators.
Now my time was up.
I hit the ground, smashing into a thousand pieces.
Then, I was then reincarnated.
I came back as a scrap of paper,
sitting atop someone’s desk.
Written across me was, “hey fucko you wanna play squash tonight?”
Soon I found myself crumpled up by a cold soccer field.
No one to talk with.
Missing my life on the airplane.

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  1. I would have wished to be reincarnated as the blonde woman–then again, if she’s pushing people out airplanes that’s got bad karma written all over it–still, might be fun with a video-cam. Breaking poem up into 3-4 line stanzas was a good move here, i think, and line-breaks were just right. What we want, and what we get–isn’t life a bitch–You said it. In my own twisted mind, as i read this poem, it reminded me of Douglas Adams’ whale that suddenly materialized 2 miles above the planet and plummetted with his thoughts…

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