To Do List

To Do List
By Jim Benz
1. Roll a joint
2. Sit around for awhile, smoking
3. Think about jazz classics
4. Silently contemplate “A Love Supreme”
5. Try to remember the bass line
6. Slap head and say “oh yeah”
7. Look at stereo across the room
8. Listen to stomach growl
9. Examine empty pack of smokes crumpled up on the table
10. Poke around in the ashtray
11. Yawn
12. Think about writing a poem
13. Abandon poem
14. Drink cold coffee because it’s within arms reach
15. Make a list of things to do
16. Put shoes on, think about standing up
17. Consider walking down to the store to buy cigarettes
18. Abandon the thought
19. Re-light roach
20. Take shoes off and sit around for awhile

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