More Morf, Murfree!

More Morf, Murfree!
By J.D. Nelson
Tag team orange
& silver w/ no wings
or wings on fire?
Burning feathers
& a gallon of
I care a lot,
like Chuck,
like a 20 y/o kid
coming back
from sand-land
w/ no smile.
I stood on top
of the refrigerator
as friends from my past
paraded through the kitchen,
chanting get down from there kid
don’t worry about me, just help me
find some weed & I’ll be OK, watching
football with my dead grandparents.
I’m walking across the street
w/ Gerald & Betty Ford.
I’m pretending
they’re my grandparents
for the day.
I remember my mom
voting for Carter in ’76.
That’s the first I heard of
my Gran-dad Gerry.
He lost.

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  1. you are at your best when you can channel your dreams into words. The 70’s are like a dream now, aren’t they? i only had two and a half years to experience them, and atari was acouple of years away, so my dreams came later.
    good work, man.

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