Best of All Possible

Best of All Possible
By Susan Beverly
chaos is not a theory or thing.
curled up in a ball against
the onslaught that is our five senses,
we use the word to answer what we
cannot perceive, under-
stand or digest. i prefer to speak
to silence, without labels that dis-
tract from Voltaire’s perfection:
all is in order in Einstein’s
beneficent universe that we will
never know anything a-
bout. we hack away at beauty
with learned sup-
positions, leaving the likes
of Rumi unsatisfied, in the dust.
we beat the convenience into me-
tal cars, houses of dead wood
and plastics, wondering why we sneeze.
like orgasm, we are beyond comprehension,
beyond definition, beyond recognition.
we don’t even know what’s in the center
of the earth we sit on, in the sky we’re
bathed by. less than ants in size,
our heads bigger than Zeus’, we think
and speak no sense, have no sense
ability left after being coddled by
air conditioning, electronic devices,
factory-made clothes, hairdressers.
as the world is felled by global warmth,
we don’t even know how to grace-
fully sizzle.

0 thoughts on “Best of All Possible

  1. wow… t his is great.. even the name dropping (which i usually hate) is good in this particular poem. the line breaks keep me reading. the material is relevant wo/ pushing political beliefs down my throat. i like this… it ends strong and has been well worked… good job…

  2. its what i have been looking at at been bothered by for the last few years; but what pisses me off the most is that i’m still right there in the middle.
    don’t wanna be, but i can’t get out yet. yet.
    and don’t let the global warming thing get ya. its not a real concern. all hype. (that is not to imply we don’t need to treat the world properly, ’cause we do)

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