Be Seen At

Be Seen At
By Anonymous
the card is faded
almost to the point
of obliteration
you would think
a ghost printed it
with his eerie ghost ink
but no, its just old
she thought it was a funny story
me saying ‘y’all’ and hiding
under the counter, fucked up
on cough syrup and irie milk
the lights stabbing my eyes
like lasers or angels’ wings
the sun had its way with us
laying in a knot on the porch
losing the place where my smell
ended and her smell began
her hair little rainbows
in the light

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  1. Several things caught my attention in this poem: …like the title (“Be Seen At”), the poem lets the reader fill in the blanks–it leaves you with some impressions, and you take it from there–very interactive! The 1st stanza starts off talking of a ‘ghost’-like fogginess (the imperceptability of a card {post-card from long ago travels perhaps?}; the 2nd stanza leaps into [a youthful escapade?] involving 2 lovers maybe? –one laughing at the other doped up on Vicks Formula 44D–then there’s “the lights stabbing my eyes/ like lasers or angels’ wings” (cool touch–simile combining 2 opposite-end-of-the-spectrum elements–unexpected!]. The 3rd stanza ends with light and illumination (rainbows!)[offsetting the haziness of the beginning 1st stanza] coming full-circle describing with a peaceful imagery of fulfillment of the lovers basquing in the beauty of life in the moment. That’s just my take on it–i’m very guilty of ‘reading into poems at times. enjoyed it!

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