tangle trees
Photo and poem by Tara Przybille Bradley
with the long tree
of roots
who hides
in the tangle of my earth
deep in the scent of
Now begun
cool with the waters underground
curling reach to span that breach
which divides
the heart and boot
dug deeper wrangled inside out
     taken root, taken root
around heartstones resting
with whispered eyes a word
closed mouth tastes earth like salt
felt like whispers heard on skin
      let go, let go
in and down inside the loam
is this resistance to the growth
tangled ever more around my stones
under here
you feel like home

0 thoughts on “Tangled

  1. thanks. the photo was taken at pioneer park in walla walla, wa. anyone whose been in that park would likely recognize those sycamore trees. i had waited a long time for a good foggy day. it finally arrived; an early january morning in ’05. perfect. i spent a loooong time at the ww cemetary that day and got some great shots there as well.
    any photos accompanying my work here at H&H would be mine, unless, in some unusual circumstance, travis pairs my work with some other photographer.

  2. I have been captivated by your poem and photo all week. I continue to return to them. Separately, both are wonderful. Together, they are mesmerizing.
    Thank you.

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