trash to interpret as you like

trash to interpret as you like
By Lisa Wright
JESUS CHRIST visited me in park this morning he said the ROAD to INSANITY is
traveled by those who are either ALONE or have A MIND of course youre
PROBABLY alone if you have a mind THESE DAYS so i told him DONT leave ME
then i heard my voice say “me” and he VANISHED but if youre alone DO YOU
HAVE A MIND I THOUGHT and now I JUST SIT and try to remember his name but I
CANT REMEMBER how to remember OF COURSE they all dont see a PROBLEM
considering they cant SEE ME theyd never BELIEVE what happened this morning
its too bad I CANT REMEMBER it myself and ITS TOO BAD my worst nitemare
wasnt dreamt I CAN LOOK him in the EYE because I HAVE NOTHING to hide since
I THINK NOTHING its the OTHER eye I HAVE A PROBLEM with let ME just say that
just because I LAUGH at NOTHING means NOTHING sounding OUT the syllables
makes ME giddy I JUST DONT KNOW your name so I SPEAK NOTHING passed away and
moved on are FANCY WAYS of saying HES DEAD WHY cant you just SAY IT AND DROP
the thesaurus and LET ME just say youre stupid and worthless IF anythings
possible then WHY AM I STILL HERE I guess ILL just stay and find SALVATION
in your WISE WORDS AND WISHES but FIRST PLEASE repeat your name so I CAN
REMEMBER how to FORGET EVERY STORY has a happy ENDING so let ME just say to
LISTEN to all the scientists THEYRE RIGHT THERE is a logical explanation to
this JUST DONT TRY to think what IT IS but now I KNOW and IM NOT lonely.

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  1. Oh, let me restate. . . looking back at my comment I see it seems a little short and kinda like “this poem sucked so much i wanna quit the craft. . .”, but that isn’t what I was saying. The writing reminds me of the speech pattern of someone who is mentally challenged. Insane. Reading the voice created a reaction inside, reminding me of my time as a mental health worker, a time I loved, but also a time that overloaded me in terms of how much I could take from other (albiet disabled) people. This piece is pretty good because it sounds accurately like my old clients, and it created a reaction in me. Nice job, Lisa, even if you see it as “trash to interpret as you like.”
    If this is trash, call me Oscar.

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