0 thoughts on “Our monthly report from Thailand

  1. Get me a passport! I’m going to Thailand to take pictures of fat Buddhas and scantilly-clad motel women! A ‘Turistas’ where they keep their organs, eh? Or a ‘Hostel’ with only cutting images perhaps…wonderful! Nice voice-over during the footage, Brandon. Appreciated the camera work with facetious Howard Cosell… I watch a few foreign films here and there and I want to say those girls (twins?) with the ‘positive body image’ and unquestionable ‘hygiene’ were Swedes. I used to visit my dad at the trailer park in South Texas, and bore witness to the occasional young Mexican senorita in muscle shirt and lace panties ambling to the mailbox in the dew of the morning–erotic… Oh to be in a land of non-WASP prudes comfortable with their own sexuality–if only the cleaning service were better. Thanks!

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