untitled as "my kitchen"

untitled as “my kitchen”
By Meghan Tennison
1. icecream container full of rotten lettuce and oranges
2. mildew-supported sink with thawing porkchops sitting on its toothpaste-stained tub
3. rat that is blood-glued down to a its very own man-made trap
4. stainless steel pot boiling baby fish, alive or once alive [it’s all the same]
5. microwave with exploded-chocolate-swamped insides
6. fridge containing a can of frozen dog food
7. pale, backwashed-with-flu lemonade
8. bottle of tabasco sauce from 1993
9. floor tiles cracked by hammer blows and then disguised with wet, small, old rugs
10. the windows are blue, the sun is strong
you can hear everything, but don’t want to look.

0 thoughts on “untitled as "my kitchen"

  1. eeeewwwww!
    I bet the tabasco is still good, yo. Gotta make due.
    Best image: small wet rugs.
    If this is really your kitchen, you might have a hard time keeping a date.
    I’m surprised there are no references to smell. Or, does the whole thing just suggest a horrid smell?
    This one had me thinking. . .

  2. dates suck; pecans are better. actually my ex-dater had the same kind of kitchen, just that the oven was a few years new. i only noticed that mine exists after seeing a picture of the sink twice.
    scratch and sniff the word ‘dog’ and maybe you’ll get what you want. i just did it to ‘tabasco’ and saw a city red fur coat.

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