Save Me Before You Reach The Last Line

Save Me Before You Reach The Last Line
By Michael Frey
An enormous, cargo container sits in the middle of Times Square (NYC)
and is blocking traffic in all directions
causing horrid vehicle screams.
One end of the steel container is open
and so I secretly peak inside and am amazed
to find that inside the container is a lush forest.
I can make out the forest clearly from 42nd street.
I see fawns playing and owls perched on tree tops,
hoo hoo’ing though it is daylight.
The sun shines from the forest down the container spilling
a few escaping rays onto the cold city street.
The smell of apricot and lemon which perfumes the forest air
wafts and gambols in my city nose.
I hear the howl of one hundred horns honking as
three policemen approach me; two of them grab my
arms and hold me.
The third one pulls out a gun and puts one in my left shoulder.
He tells me I must move the cargo container now.
Right now or he will kill me.
I don’t understand so he puts another in my kneecap.
My blood trickles away fast, with false confidence,
like mucho boys running away from home for the first time.
Tourists are looking at me, snapping digital pics.
I tell them it is not my cargo container.
The cop has razor blades for lips.
He smiles and
raises the gun to my head.

0 thoughts on “Save Me Before You Reach The Last Line

  1. “The smell of apricot and lemon which perfumes the forest air /wafts and gambols in my city nose.” I like that. “Macho boys” or “mucho boys?”

  2. Is this a dream? Sounds like the kind of dreams I have every night.
    I don’t see this so much as a poem as a paragraph. Sometimes people put things into poem form so they can fit them into something that others expect. If you did that, my advice is, “Undo that.” If the poem form is deliberate…my bad…carry on.
    Also, why add (NYC) to the end of the first line?

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