Adventures of Pinky Dugg: Magnum Flinch

Adventures of Pinky Dugg: Magnum Flinch
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Little pinky Dugg crept weely along and saw the old man on his back porch skinning some animal, pulling and twisting away the skin and with great horror pinky suddenly noticed it was sniffy, sniffy Digg, sniffy his very own sniffy. Pinky trembled greatly (more out of grief than fear) as he heard the snapping of bones and saw the glistening innards of his own friend and the old man’s splotchy arms mechanically at work on sniffy. At that moment pinky was so overcome with sadness and despair that he took the large caliber gas-operated semi-automatic pistol he found at a good price at the Heymann gun show, placed the massive shining barrel with the dark gaping muzzle up against his forlorn furry forehead and with a terrified trembling finger pulled the trigger. Booooooommm! The loud report! Pinky dazed and with busted bleeding eardrums found himself lying on the ground not fully realizing yet that he had missed completely. He felt his forehead smooth and still in tact. Why am I not dead, he thought. Still confused and with deaf bleeding ears pinky turned and saw the old man moving across the yard towards him. Within an instant the old man was upon him and pinky found himself being lifted immobilized into the air in the hands of the blotched and bemoled old creature, carrying him away towards the back porch to join sniffy.
To be continued.

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  1. We used to post so much of this type of writing. The unedited, meandering about sort of I’m just following my ideas around style of story. Thanks to whoever wrote it. It’s kind of refreshing in a way, but we won’t make a habit of posting stories that have seen too little attention. Imaginative and interesting though.

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