The Woman Who Loves Maps

The Woman Who Loves Maps
By Lyn Lifshin
aches for the old
ones, dusky as an
abandoned ghost town
where the wooden
pier is driftwood.
She doesn’t want
longitudes and
latitudes, favors
roads mutable as
a bracelet made
of sand she can
write an SOS in to
the wind. She dreams
of islands, magical
as the fingers of
the concert pianist,
each with its own
intelligence and
breath. She wants
the light to be what
photographers long
for, the magic hour
flecked with the color
of violet dusk, the
names of cities
exotic as spices or
words in another
language: Empanedas,
Esterellita, la trisleza
or the words left on
a Persian jar of lilies,
Dear Heart and then,
the way there

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  1. “mutable as a bracelet made of sand”
    this is a very rich poem, from the title all the way down to the closing line. And to think how many people just want an airline ticket to a resort where the margaritas are cold, bartenders speak fluent english, and locals are banned from the oceanside beach.

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