Pothead Loves Him Some Cop / Window Love

Pothead Loves Him Some Cop / Window Love
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You want to call yourself a detective?
then move your mouth
but never taste the product.
You dilettante of human need
claiming you’ve raised your eyes and fingers toward the rain
but you’ve never tasted the product.
I love You more than the laws that just get in my way
of tasting the product.

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  1. i may be missing something here, but i’m not really getting this one or maybe i’m just not getting INTO this little ditty. i was hoping someone else might find something interesting some light on the positive notes on this. i donno… i think the title is much better than the poem. at least more interesting.

  2. STEPHENVILLE, TEXAS: Recently, in the local news, there was reported this story for the rural area around the town i live: A sheriff’s deputy was going up to backwoods trailers asking questions concerning a ‘stray cow’ to determine ownership. He went up to one residence and espyed marijuana plants growing in pots set beside the window…that was ‘just cause’, so he busted the couple and the story made the front page news.
    The poem: this is only my meager assessment because I didn’t write this…In ‘Pothead loves him some cop/window love’, i believe is addressed to law enforcement and the supposed hypocrisy of a law that 1). punishes those who are smoking weed…not hurting anybody or anything; and 2). the ‘moral superiority’ or ‘holier than thou’ attitude many assume when looking down on those who are ‘users’ [“claiming you’ve raised your eyes and fingers towards the rain”]; this ‘need’ of the law enforcement to feel righteous takes an equivalency to the need of smoking the ganja but in the end the ganja-peoples’ needs are more legitimate or enlightened…’i love you more than the laws that just get in my way of tasting the product.’
    This is not based on my personal experiences, though the content of my poems might indicate otherwise, but merely my observation of the perspectives of two opposing ‘camps’ here.
    The title ‘Pothead loves him some cop’ is sarcasm…they don’t love cops. ‘Window love’ is the growing process (needed for photosynthesis). So the main body of the poem is addressing the pigs and their Inquisition: “you’ve never tasted the product”…how can you judge us?
    This is only an interpretation, and will self-destruct after 5 seconds in the bong…

  3. holy crap. quasimofo, your brain. again, stunned. i’m layed flat by the insightfulness. but mostly your effort extended to understand. i’ll take a hit offa that.

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