no Xs over everyday heart-break action

no Xs over everyday heart-break action
By Meghan Tennison
when you offer your animal
an open mouth to
climb on in!
[ right claw
left heel
diced meat too.]
but they refuse
and drop-thump
on the linoleum to make
your face:
grab a pan by the handle and
dive uncomfortable
-liquefy –
don’t shout
l i s t e n
the love, it’ll come back soon

0 thoughts on “no Xs over everyday heart-break action

  1. My cat disappeared. I keep the window open, open a cat food can outside every so often, walk around the neighborhood yelling kitty kitty kitty like a goddamn fool, sniff at the bushes for the smell of death. I don’t know if this poem is metaphorical or actually concerns cats in some way, but I’m counting on the last line. Incidentally, I also tend to like your stuff but just don’t have much to say when I read them.

  2. yeahyeahyeah i was wondering if there was something in my words about a cat, but i couldn’t find it the longer i looked, but yeah it was about a cat and i did cry for real. yeah. yeah, yeah, yeah.

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