Your Best Life -For V. D'Amico

vincent d'amico
what has become of life
the stuff in your eyes
every drum
every beat
the stuff in your heart
where are you now
where you have always been
in the gleaming
in the change of things
this chance
this time
you are still here
you are still you
this is what life has become
the pulse
the throb
the laugh
and the groan
do this
live this
be this
be you
(i guess this is all i could find to say)

0 thoughts on “Your Best Life -For V. D'Amico

  1. Taoistic! or Taraistic! i luv the simple beauty of repitition…”this is what life has become/ the pulse/ the throb/ the laugh/ and the groan”…’so much depends on this little red wheelbarrow’ one might say. The words at once seem singular and stretching to the heavens like a CareBear rainbow. Style reminds me of the Japanese warrior haiku and the old odes of Chinese Emperors (the Ming of course, no Sagwa Siamese please).
    I could never write like this cause ‘puttin your thumb on things’ and then expressing it with visceral accuracy is difficult for my scatterbrained A.D.D. mind. I’m more like walkin’ all over the place in the poetry supermarket on unlabled isles ramming wobble-wheel shopping carts into Whitman and Lorca and thinking the overhead speaker is God…it’s one helluva clean-up with the eggs and apple juice; and Ginsberg is grazing on the fig newtons. Bareknuckles Bombastic!
    I found multiple listings for Vincent D’Amico…one is a TV actor with credits goin’ back to the 80’s and the other is a famous Gynecologist…i think we’ll assume it’s the actor! Cool pic. Garbed in Teddy-boy gear, the light shining on the top of his crown seems to emanate like a halo…the Rebel-Saint! I’m assuming the poem speaks to this man’s life, in a sense, and it’s not just a visual epiphany…i’ll do some research for the bio. Nice spacing too! Thx. Istalli Mashi…

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