I was thinking Christmas but I said Halloween

I was thinking Christmas but I said Halloween
By Jupiter Gene Defcon
You didn’t even dress up for Halloween
Yes I did. I went as me
I went as you
I know. I thought it would be funny to go as the same thing. You know, like an old couple
But you didn’t even look like yourself
That’s impossible
No, it isn’t. I looked like you. I looked like how you look right now
But I didn’t look like I look right now on Halloween
That’s why you didn’t go as you. You skipped it
No, that’s why you didn’t go as me. If you were going as me we would have looked the same
But you never wear devil horns. How was I to know you were going to be wearing devil horns?
Well, devil horns are red and I always wear red
Yeah, you always wear red because you are always dressed like Santa Claus
Are you saying that Santa only wears red?
No, I’m saying that his red outfit is the one most people know him by. People like you
Excuse me, I’m aware that Santa doesn’t exclusively wear his red outfit
Then why don’t you ever wear any of these so-called other outfits?
Because I’m not trying to be Santa Claus
But you wear a Santa Claus outfit 365 days a year!
On Halloween I wore devil horns

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  1. It was a shock to not see a rhyming pattern by Mr. Defcon. But this atypical free verse from the former H&H House Writer flows, and the I enjoyed reading about what I perceived as the outward identities we assume 364 days of the year like costumes, and about the 1 day a year we’re allowed to show our true selves – good or bad. I guess my question to the writer is: Is that day Halloween or Christmas?… As The Great Pumpkin (or Santa Claus) would say, Ho-Ho-Ho, Jupiter Gene! He’s the bees knees, even when he’s not rhyming. Thanks for sharing this poem with Earth.

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