the sound a fallen angel makes when he hits the ground

the sound a fallen angel makes when he hits the ground
by DIY Danna
Gabriel’s fingers hit the cubicle.
As he whispers goodbye to Donna’s free ear,
She remembers his long, lanky fingers touching her lightly
Then firmly the first time they kissed.
His long brown hair and beard tickling the top
Of her large breasts heaving with excitement
When two bodies collide and explode.
Did anyone else hear the explosion?
She wonders.
Or is it the sound a fallen angel makes
When he hits the ground?
If no one was watching with x-ray eyes
Through the walls of the rat race maze,
She would blow a hurricane force kiss –
Just to hear the sound he really makes.

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  1. Fall from grace or blurring of the sacred vs. profane?…
    Any way you see it, Gabriel in a sexual relationship with Mary the mother of Jesus is bound to turn some heads…G U T S Y! I’m assuming, by the way, that ‘Donna’ in the 3rd line is short for Madonna meaning Mary and not the pop-icon of ‘Immaculate Conception Collection’ blonde ambition…?
    In reading this, I somehow sense that however tempting it might be to find God solely thru love’s bliss, there are so many pitfalls or consequences to seeing eye-to-eye with such a powerful cosmic force, yet we are damned without at least trying. Maybe we are damned either way…like William Carlos Williams said: “Poets are damned but they are not blind, they see with the eyes of the angels.” Or as my late Grandfather used to say: “I went to the dam to get some damn water but the dam man wouldn’t give me no dam water, so I told that damn man I didn’t want any of his damn water!” (I believe this is what people mean when they say ‘digression’.)
    The words ‘cubicle’ and ‘rat race maze’ also seem, to me, to bring an everyday application or inclusiveness to the poem’s readers meaning there is a Gabriel and Madonna in each and every one of us. The last sentence, “Just to hear the sound he really makes.”, begs the question: ‘who are we really?’… I say we are ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly’. ‘Whooey-ooey-oooo! Da-na-na!’ Thx Danna!

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