Notes Discovered in the Basement of a Bomb-Shelter 11:48 a.m.

Notes Discovered in the Basement of a Bomb-Shelter 11:48a.m.

by Quasimofo


I’ll settle for an old-fashioned fist-fight!

with hybrid ingredients incorporated!

to corroborate the naysayers..!

some say i’m loco in the coco

but the actu-reality =

i’m only myself M-W-Friday..

–Don’t let seamstresses work in groups or

they will needle each other to death..

ha ha—yeah..

if any1 wants true answers go to

the grocery store, miss isle 12 with a good cart limit one

per cuss to mer …..

i can do ANYTHING with a Pizza and Pepsi!

–‘a carbonated shiatsu with unlimited tanning soduku kakuro mahjong

so long…’

now, let me tell ya’—back in the days when energy

fossil fuels

created all those black pools

make reckless all the consumer nation fools,

we got nuked by corruptions of mass destructions (CMD’s)


what’s your mage or mal [no] (fun)ction?!?/!

{See Dick punch in the red button codes at Def-Con five..See Jane run…

See Spot get shred asunder into

a million billion sub-atomic yiping molecules…}

..there is an apathy emanating from the earth



invasion crews

land their crafts and payed

rifle guys go about their forced


–yes, you damn well better buy what they’re offering

or you’ll get a bullet thru the beezer!

Hey Cupid, don’t shoot me , i’m stupid……..

…don’t worry, most blasts don’t last…

i sometimes somedays would like to faint and dream like the gas meter reader

under a cozy backyard bush




germ-warfare of the world




in wampum


friendly poses

out of the


red rover red lunar rover, let the lingerie supermodels come over…

which is not to say that the best politicians necessarily know little

about politics…

as for I, I will travel the FM stereo radio-active aftermath less traveled by

in nike snow shoes…..

skiing skis on my bloody knees

down belching reactors…..

but rest in peace assured—

I will never even ever give into commercialism…

‘Hey, is that an X-Box 360!!’

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  1. thanks sir. An unusual thing happened the other day: I accidently tried to open the door of my house with my car keys. To my amazement, the house started right up! So I drove it around for a while. The cops stopped me and asked: “Where do you live, boy?” I said: “Right here officer!”
    About the insane thing…unfortunately have not received any official paperwork back confirming such. I’m still working on that accreditation, however. In the meantime, I’ll just have to settle for ‘amateur insane’ or ‘insane wannabe’ but definetly not ‘insane in the membrane’ as i believe my membrane remains intact, consequently, I’m still waiting on the pap-smear results for that too. Anyway, check out ‘Porco Rosso’…fairly kid appropriate and one of my fav. Mayazaki’s…

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