a letter to my neighbor

A Letter to my Neighbor
by Leslie Michel
Yesterday I spent much time thinking. Thoughts surfaced of lessons I’ve so thoroughly absorbed in my psyche they are now embedded, unconscious. Years ago when I was still learning how to take care of myself, own my power, these “simple” truths were a foreign language. The new “alphabet” required study one letter at a time. Eventually my head was able to spell, understand, and speak one little “word”. I felt such profound relief. I thought, “How in the world could I have survived this long not hip to this before now?” The process fascinated me. I was told “More will be revealed.”
More was revealed, so much more. Every lesson involved much effort mentally before it finally became “second nature”. Old thinking patterns, responses and actions would reappear. Especially when feeling stress, though it seemed goofy, thinking “I know better than that!”, that dark shadow would threaten.
One of the most important things I learned going through this “school” was there is more depth, complexity, understanding absorbed faster when I could recognize these ghosts for what the really are. Don Quitoxe “tilted at windmills” fighting those shadows. He lost “himself”.
Fighting or fleeing may feel more comfortable, seem sensible and familiar. However, accepting the shadows as your wise teacher, instead of an evil, ubiquitous enemy, turns fear to knowledge. The ghost guides reveal the superior path through rugged emotional terrain.
Avoiding these spectors gives them more power- YOUR POWER. Growing bigger, more numerous, the shadows become scarier. YIKES! Facing the “boo crew” you manifest greater strength.
I say this because you are so important to me, and we’ve had many profound spiritual loving steps together as friends. I want you to have peace and tranquility, prosperity and companionship, and most of all, infinite love. Yesterday I could see in my mind’s eye both you and Bob tilting at the windmills! It was clear to me.
Sue, Bob is your teacher. You are his teacher. No matter what sense that statement makes to you reading it here, from me, know that the lesson does not go away by avoiding the teacher. The best and fastest resolution solution is embracing the shadow’s loving lesson. Wisdom, thinking, warmth, profoundly murmuring “Aha!” is the reward!
The most lethal weapon capable of disrupting peace is in your mind, as well as Bob’s mind. The safety is off, trigger is cocked; hollow point bullets fill the chambers and are packed with gun powder composed of willingly relinquished personal power. The barrel aimed at your own heart, head.
This is “playing” russian roulette; I have a hard time using the word “play” when death finishes the game. Play Dead? Opossums do that, but I feel great sadness losing people I love that way.
My heart is open, you are always welcome in my life.
All in Divine Order!

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  1. The metaphors throughout the letter, like the dark part of our consciousness that lingers like a dark specter or shadow, and “russian roulette”, captured my interest and kept it. At first reading, the ending seemed like an abrupt invitation to an open house, but after reading it again I had the impression of an invitation to a house of worship – a spiritual home for humans and their haunting thoughts. I look forward to Leslie Michel’s next contribution.

  2. this would have been a much better letter to my mother-in-law than the one i gave her.
    selfish as it is, this piece is my teacher.
    i need to return my peace to me. i allowed myself to give it up. gave away my personal power.
    i know this work had nothing to do with me, but thanks for the reminder.

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