by Klipschutz
I want all the women
all the money
all the fun
I want every rainbow
all the marbles
and a personalized introduction to God
I want a death list
transparent skin
and a cat with no fur
I want everything
I have nothing
I will negotiate

0 thoughts on “america

  1. Didn’t Dr. Evil (in Austen Powers) have a death list? and a hairless cat…and transparent skin?
    I know there is a “Death List” that relates to Bill Clinton, also called the “Clinton Body Count”. It’s a list of people who have died (rather suspiciously) and are all connected to Clinton in one way or another.
    Anyway, I liked…
    “I want everything
    I have nothing
    I will negotiate”
    Most people think like this but never want to negotiate. They just want to bitch about having nothing.

  2. Dr. Evil, huh? That would have never ocurred to me. I thought that stanza was just jumping toward the absurd, which is a great lead in to the lucid irony of the final one. I love this poem. I want it on my tombstone.

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