The Great I AM

The Great I AM: One Young American’s Interior Monologue
by Josh Maday
I am the Second Coming I am the end of the world I am an offense to humanity I am an original impostor I am everyone and no one I am myself and the others I am comfortable dissatisfaction I am the possibility of nothingness I am the heroic anti-hero I am the Christ and the antichrist I am perception and all that is real I am the zenith of the abyss I am a god and a devil I am the superman and the impotentia I am a genuine replica I grew up in America

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  1. I’ve read this a few times now – the first time I kind of brushed it off, but the second time it grabbed me. I started looking at it like a riddle, then I re-read the title. Twice. It stopped being a riddle. In fact, it seems to sum things up pretty neatly (too neatly) though it’s the opposite of a precise summation. “zenith of the abyss” captures it best. Very depressing. Don’t give this kid a gun.

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