The Whole World And Austin, Texas Facing The End As The Bible Says

The Whole World And Austin Texas Facing The End As The Bible Says
An unedited rant we found presumably written by “peaceloveandjoyce”
About 25 years ago was when I started listening and reasoning that this world would be facing the end times as the Bible say,s in the book of Revelations. First of all I remember Preacher,s Talking about Satan in the world of Entertainment and I always kept looking for some one to stick out but then I got defensive because It was the Music that I was entertaining my self with and
it took alot to finally realize what some Band,s and people playing in them really represented and who they were living for such as Bad Company,s lyric,s
( The sky is burrning with fire I beleave my soul is on fire )and ( Bad company til the day I Die)these words and lyric,s come from the Darkness and a concert is like a church service it,s a ritchual of life an act of praise , worship singing the devil,es Hymnal,s out of the book of darkness there were bands like Pat Travis ( Snorting Whiskey and drinking Cocain) Van Halen ( Boggie with the Devil) Ac/Dc ( hyway to Hell,Hells Bell,s,The girls got rythem ) Jimmy Hendrex
( Purple Haze running around my brain excuse me while I kiss the sky )Judas Preist ( breaking the law ) And Matallica Sandman ( Exit light enter night take me off to nether netherland )Sammy Hagar ( I cant drive 55)
Alot of this music was sung by people who Knowingly new they were doing it for the Devil Himself Satan The Under World Influence of Mafia like Ozzy Osborne the Prince of Darkness and Black Sabbath those People became just what they Sung to the world a Satanic Influence that Created Decades of America and where ever they went to turn Generation,s into a Teenage Waste Land and that is what the United States of America is today a Major Teenage Waste Land can,t you see it the Influence Jimmy Morison The Door,s and Bands like Steppen Wolf that was really a Hellish way to play music and Influence and corupt our way of thinking here In The United States of America the present and future Teen Age Waste Land
Do you parent,s still send your children to a public school they are corrupted with Sex and Violence and Idolism of Celebraties that arent any good Influence at all with the moral,s that they have in their music for Teenager,s The Influence of it is making young people trun into Whore,s with Deseases like Aid,s in public school,s and every where else Porno for children at their neibor,s house with their children and Parent,s that like to Swing with young children and permote drug,s among children with Sex Parties it,s not a lie it,s every where Sodom and Gomora all over again and we have brought this on our seleves with the way we live here in the United States of America Land of Entertainment for children that corupt,s morals and has Defunked the USA and the world how Blasphemous of a country like The USA total Coruption Sex Drugs and Entertainment the Killer of The Super Power we once were.
They were singing Bye Bye Miss American Pie and noone really listened and saw the truth the good old boy,s were drinking whiskey and Rye Sining this well be the day that I Die this well be the day that I Die Bye Bye Miss American Pie the fire is the Devil,s only friend bye bye Miss American Pie Bye now.

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  1. Good perspective writing! If i read this in the Op/Eds, i would discount it as a ‘holy-roller’ piece; but the rant has some obvious and intentional art to it, and is written by a person with intricate knowledge of counter-culture and ‘proper culture’. It’s good to know opposing viewpoints, even though you may not agree with them. The precursor says that this work says ‘unedited’…but i suspect that to be intentional also…a subliminal satire if you will, and also a celebration of the grammatically inferior, syntax-mauled and poorly spelled. Thus, the point of the piece is to give you ‘what THEY say’ (the culture wars opposition) in a nut-shell. In the real world, I would counter this with: How can a true Christian support the war in Iraq, support a voo-doo economics which creates poverty by expanding the rich/poor gap, support a ‘borrow and spend’ method of running the govt, oppose immigration (when the bible says: ‘do not oppress the resident alien, for you were once in Egypt’) etc. All those are contradictions. So-called ‘religious people’ raise hell about gays, abortion, etc. cause these are ‘safe topics’ for pastors/ministers to bring up without losing their congregations…oh yeah, and the whole evil entertainment industry thing. Yep, they have many faults, but they’re not the only ones doing it…it takes a whole nation.
    Great work! It really stimulated my brain. “KEEP ON ROCKIN’ IN THE FREE-WORLD!”

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