For the Sake of the Lie

For the Sake of the Lie
By Gene Defcon
Have you ever fantasized about making love to someone else?
I mean another woman
I’m not a woman
I know that. I didn’t say you were
You said another woman
I meant another woman besides me
Who said I have ever fantasized about you?
Well, we are married. I guess I just assumed that you do
You mean “I guess I just assumed that you did.” I don’t anymore. But I used to!
When did you stop?
When we got married
No, really? When we got married? That seems like such a cliched time to stop fantasizing
I know. Believe me, I don’t like being such a stereotypical guy. It just happened that way
Can’t you lie, at least, and say it was another time?
I could have but I already told you the truth
You told me, but you still have everyone else you can lie to
Do you want me to tell everyone else about this highly personal thing?
For the sake of the lie, yes

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