Baby cage

Baby cage
by Pat A Physics
Going blind isn’t all that bad
it beats having to be naked in front of all those people
who can see right past you
when you thought that you’d be somewhere else
like the butt of their joke.
I once saw a boy of twelve
put his hand into a chemical mixture
and scream at the top of his lungs
his mother was quiet and whisked him away real fast
to some sort of baby cage.
I saw the baby cage, too
it was in an impersonal place, like a hallway
or the middle part between
the bathroom and the rest of the airport
in the hidden halls of the mall.
It’s not too cold in the hospital
but in that impersonal place, it seems cold
cold food can be played with
and you have to pace to stop the chills
chase them into the hills.

0 thoughts on “Baby cage

  1. The pic…’Get used to those bars, kid!’ hehehe! Savage was right…i am some kind of motherfxxxer (or motherflamer?) i’ve been off my meds for a month now/no wonder i have writer’s block!
    I always enjoy reading a Mr. Physics poem, his attention to craft…intermittently sprinkled rhyme, a refreshing simile not overdone, and didacticism that is affectionate streets-smarts advice to those of us about to enter a burning building. Poetry like a delicious souffle brought to life by the head chef of the Betty Crocker Culinary Academy.
    I sensed a strong depth of physical world and hard-knocks awareness…the bits about the ‘impersonal place’ made my heart skip beats …there’s an ever-increasing number of these places, it seems, but then again: “Agony is in the eye of the tormentor” -St. Quasimofo- [‘St.’ stands for ‘Salad-bar Teetotoler’].
    As those corkers from the 2-bass-band Ned’s Atomic Dustbin would say: “Furtive!”

  2. Quasimofo ~ you know I wasn’t calling you a motherf***er, right? Just that your alias, broken down could be; quasi = semi, mofo = mother f***er.
    Can anyone help me? I am trying to submit a post but I can’t get the formatting (indentation, line breaks etc) to stay when I cut and paste it from word into the submission box. Is there some html I need to use? I am so illiterate when it comes to that stuff. 🙁

  3. Yeah, i know…just givin’ you a hard time. ..And you know i didn’t mean any disrespect to Shakespeare…that guy was a renegade of funk! I don’t get how they say: “Ol’ Will was from too small a town to have so large a vocabulary.” ..Hmm right, like that can be measured. I mean, he had been all over the ‘Globe’ [theatre] hehe.
    Sorry ’bout your cut/paste troubles. Usually i go to the ‘edit submission’ after it downloads or whatever, and re-arrange the poem the way i want it (which is easier if you have a hard-copy printed-out version in front of you). Then i think you select another option that downloads the edited version. Then after this, i go to the ‘re-edit life’ pop-up which allows me to go back in time to ask Michelle Weaver (Afro or no)to the Homecoming game in 1985 and beat the crap out of bully Greg Smithey. Till another time, “Hi-ho shiver, away!”

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