isn't that crazy

isn’t that crazy
by tara przybille bradley
chasing shadows

that is perfectly not right
record This record This
oh. you just do not know the importance
These will be lost

the Significance of space is significant when there is none

write This down, she said.

0 thoughts on “isn't that crazy

  1. this is almost begging for explanation. interior dialogue? I can read any number of things into that Significance line – which is what makes it interesting. What makes it “not right”?

  2. Spoken like a true Delphi Oracle! My impression is this poem is an outward dialogue between two people: perhaps the poet and their grandma (or some important figure who may not have much time left or who may merely be in the mood to dispense wisdom). “record This record…”–verb and noun of the same cloth–delicate touch. A little offset rhyme in 3rd line; punctuation that gets its own (space) adds to emphasis of theme of imperfection being significant; this poem works! ‘the Significance of space is significant when there is none’…is impetus to record–because nothingness is emptiness and because something (regardless of how bad it may be or imperfect) is still better than a blank slate. The last line puts into action/implements the poem’s one command: ‘to record/write this down’. She said at the end, informs us that the whole piece (even though it had not quotation marks to give it away) has been a dialogue. That’s just my impression. Great work! My bio-rhythms tweaked several notches after the read!

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