by Ashok Niyogi

watch with leather strap

accumulated sweat

forlorn wireless mouse

color prints of assorted gods

that glow in the dark

incense ash on internet modem

and landline phone

dried sandalwood paste

on genuine silver platter

pretentious books in darkness

above reading neon

imitation colonial education

second grade provincial

bright blue stenographer’s chair

silver bead necklace

I am ashamed to wear

pearl amulet hidden in drawer

with ball-point pens without ink

stink of a rotting pigeon

stuck in window air-conditioning

I mop up

dust from my unfortunate laptop

0 thoughts on “inventory

  1. Ohiyo gozaimasu! MMMM. i luv this [‘Inventory’of] imagery…enough to make a ‘Yellow Submarine II’—and George Bush plays the head ‘Blue Meanie’. hehe! Just kiddin’. i got to say that pic scared the crap out of me…’The Grudge’ made me poop fudge!
    The poem: “Color prints of assorted gods”…yes! Give me more Inu Yasha double-vortex soul-bleeder strikes to the poetic celebral cortex with the ‘here/there/’ bobbin’ weavin’ SBP spontaneous bebop prosody jizzum ogling the jejunum [last phrase stolen from Halifax] spewed like a Mt. St. Helens being made love to by 100 Park Rangers with goat-tees and spandex speedo whitee tightees bumbling into ballet of wheel-chair dancers’ silent bru-ha-ha…hush little baby, hush, shshsh…
    Also liked that end of line word rhyming with next beginning of line word…yaa! i saw that! Even though i cringed a bit when you used the word ‘forlorn’ (which i don’t know why, i just hate that word (itself))i luved poem. Please descend from Mt. Fuji, take a Kodak moment, and send us more!
    Until then, i will wait like the exiled emperor by the kingdom by the sea…

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