every now and then

every now and then
by Johannes Bech Dalsgaard
the way I see it
we’re abandoning future
faces of
in the meantime
calm-down time
recharge time
tossing lost quotes and
moments we can’t explain anymore
by the side of the road
as we go and we’re
gonna be there any minute now
be nowhere any minute now
table service space dementia
face dementia
always-on-the-run dementia
and things never were
this far away
we’re hunting lost time
in the narrow hours
between every now and then

0 thoughts on “every now and then

  1. Funny how poetry deals with time so much…i think reflection just naturally encompasses so many aspects of time. Nicely articulated poem! I guess a lot of thinking about time can be about ‘working the grind’ and in weighing expectations people have in life…and it seems this may be the theme of this poem…though it would also seem that the poet realizes the futility in this line of thinking… in 100 years will it matter what our bank accounts, car payments, etc. was da-dada-dada… i agree! Yeah, we have to be practical and provide for our survival but not at the expense of losing oneself.
    i appreciated the parallel repitition in the poem: “meantime”, “calm-down time”, “recharge time”; and “table service space dementia”, “face dementia”, and “always-on-the-run dementia”. Key words dealing with time aptly used also! Good read! Thanks!

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