Poem Jock Rises

Poem Jock Rises
by Gene Defcon
I strut over to your online poem board
And punch my words into your brain
I’m gonna make you read this
Get in your cubicle and read this
I’m gonna kick my syntax around your personal space
Little bookworm
Comprehend this:
Poem fist your face

0 thoughts on “Poem Jock Rises

  1. I hate cocky jocks almost as much as I hate bullies. And the lack of punctuation (except the colon) is quite irksome. But I can’t hate on this nice ditty – so no Bronx Cheers for this fist to our collective bookworm, cubicle-dwelling faces. One of my new personal favorites. Defcon is the new poet laureate of jocks, bullies, pro-wrestlers, bounty hunters, and other assorted nuts – I mean tough guys.

  2. Hahaha! …that assonance bit kills me! Thanks for the laugh, fogman. …but be careful to keep your diction in your pants!
    Poem was balls to the wall! I felt this way many years ago when i got a little too involved due to naivety with this site called “Poetry free-for-all” related to “Poetry showcase”. The moderators were a bit too Nazi. I e-mailed this one contributor and he said he’d submit/post poems by ‘well-known’ poets…not only did the moderators not recognize the poems but they dogged them. They were just critical of everything no matter what…social darwinism applied to poetics or some such crap. I think they just liked holding ‘power’ over people and being assholes. I checked out that site recently and it seems to have changed for the better…i guess those guys got jobs at Wall Street or in the Insurance business or something.
    There’s a fine line between constructive criticism and being a ‘poem jock’, i suppose…

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