sugar-secrets line the groping wheel.

sugar-secrets line the groping wheel.
by shannon baker
by the last days
our sailing battery
would have saved him.
but all that wind between us
crippled lightly, locked the cage.
& the green car that lived
at the edge of my lightbulb fingertip would
not have been sacrificed but
often i would gather strips of grass stained fever-canvas
to bind (at last) his blood factory
for a time when
there were facefulls of unwimpered lunatic promises
that we swapped on both porches and
if in tucking sunrise you would visit
those old boneyard campfires
you could find our mouthing organs wrapped in newspapers and wilting head-leaf
nobody could remember who the president was
so we put twenty tabs of acid in a paper cup
and everyone closed their eyes to witness newly enabled star-vision.
stubborn electronic warriors smashed their genitals together one hundred times after the ending.
fat-lipped tree stalks existed
and i thought i’d said the right things because
they eventually gave me medicine as we shared the broken porch swing
even though
i stole a stapler
a library card
and two nearly rotten
asian pears.
our skulls are expanding can you
feel it can you
feel the atmosphere as it shrinks
understand the birds who speak
many languages but
say the same thing they all say
they say:
will be

0 thoughts on “sugar-secrets line the groping wheel.

  1. Oh tigress, tigress, burning bright…your poetic adjectives give me such furtive delight! I wouldn’t call it a stew…I’d say more like: ‘Frito Pie Souffle’…and Ms. Baker is a voyeuristic Betty Crocker decked out in red leather jumping an Olympic size swimming pool filled with conventional lions and sharks on an abstract-revving Harley Davidson.
    Loved the title! I’ll bet the editor’s first choice of pics was an actual groping wheel…I bet he checked the archives of Marquis du Sade and couldn’t find any, so went with the rocking chairs…still good pic!
    “stubborn electronic warriors smashed their genitals together one hundred times after the ending.” Yeah, I read a Frank Miller Graphic Novel once with androids who had genitals…it puts things in a whole new light [emitting device] processor!
    Poem puts me in Kubla Khan/ Gilliam’s “Brazil” frame of mind (if i do indeed have one, and/or it’s expanding)!
    I really enjoyed the read; and was enlightened by the elucidations! thx!

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