a cup of coffee

a cup of coffee
by jim benz
could it be another morning?
perhaps I’m dead
oh for the climate of dreams
found lacking, found
casting aspersion
on daybreak
full of songbirds
full of meaningless
ennui or conflict, snarling
eggs be damned, give me coffee

0 thoughts on “a cup of coffee

  1. i’ll grind those coffee BE(a)NZ any day…! Some mornings are like a rebirth, or a chance to begin anew on a new slate, but yeah, a great many are meager returns to the grind-shakles! It’s hard to get into the groove of things…and stay there.
    At first i thought ‘arrhythmia’ was an exclamation of exasperation or something…it still may be, but the more i look at it, it reminds me of like an affliction or ailment: “Fogman has a bad case of arrhythmia, so i bought him a package of Ri-go-llas.”
    Anyway, enjoyed the read. P.S. liked the pic of Coffee Goddess… we all need a muse like that as a barista.

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