42 lines later

42 lines later
by sherelle

I kissed you one last time and felt the rush

The moments came back and I smiled

Your life like body was so soft

I closed your eyes,

I never did like their colour.

Our hands were still locked

The door was still opened

You had just walked through the door

I couldn’t resist,

I had to do it.

We talked about our future

It made me sick

You had the baby’s name picked out already

I hated that thing in your stomach so much,

Nearly as much as you!

You’ve been drinking again

I smell it on your mouth

You said you were going to stop


You were nicer when you were drunk.

Father will be back soon

His little girl has really done it this time

Do I realise how much of a mess I’ve made

Ill be sent to bed with no supper,

Do I know how much I’d hurt my mother?

Well that was my intention

I needed to kill her

Daddy kept his gun in his top draw


It made him feel like a man.

She was trying to replace me

She deserved everything she got

She had messed me up

I was no good anymore,

I needed to get rid of her to end this now

Ill now be the mother

My father will love me more

Ill be his only girl

The pearl ear rings ill be for me

Ill be your little girl for ever,

You’ll see, you’ll see.

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