A Rare Shakespearian Thought Attack

A Rare Shakespearian Thought Attack
by leslie michel
Yikes! there’s an unidentified alien thought form wandering in my head.
Looking to gain yardage- seizing as hostage
my essential ok-ness and esteem
(self, I suppose. What other kind matters?),
knocking my (Half full? Half empty?) glass
completely OFF the proverbial table.
A Rare Shakespearian Thought Attack:
Bleak! Edgy! Classic! Tragic!
Step right up ladies and gents, buy tickets here, now! Matinee at 3, Bring the whole family- cheaper by the dozen! What a show! What a show…
Rough drafting this play will entertain and enlighten the VIP’s of the house: me, myself, and I, as to why this moment or two or three seem so fucking important. I hope I get it down before the muse moves on. Distracted I forget where it started, where it’s aimed and why in general. Intermission, Bedtime, or some bodily function in the bathroom is up next.
Hey! Here comes dawn’s light! Wow.
Who’s in my head looked better last night,
Uh, what’s-your-name?
See ya’ later on and on and on…
Fiend of thrills cheap seeks fresh slots,
to slip warm quarters from my pocket in.
The laundromat’s dryer for 25 cents
shakes long and hard and hot-
Better than Magic Fingers!
Buy me a drink, pay the rent,
then please wander OUT of my head.

0 thoughts on “A Rare Shakespearian Thought Attack

  1. The inner poetic rumblings of the Id, Ego, and Super Ego…it gave me orgasms in my organism leaving me smoking with a lone thought: …’right about now, the funk-soul sister!’ Exclamations galore! Yeah! ..makes it sizzle with energetic foreplay! Questions, declarations, commands [‘Step right up ladies and gents…’] gives poem wonderful change-up variation…good ‘glue’ for seducing the reader. Topic is something everyone can relate to [oh how i ‘wander as i wonder’] with original context of a ‘rare shakespearean thought attack’ which by the way, is very good title for giving reader a ‘heads up’ before jumping into poem and/or looking back to. Structure of poem worked for me too and broken (divided) nicely…i luved the italics to set apart the salesman voice or ‘thought’.
    Poem had a DAY-dreaming quality that mirrored the mind’s ‘darting’ capability in harmonic soliloquoy. I’m curious what your day-joy is…which may or may not have inspired the poem…? In any case, i REALLY enjoyed reading. Thx Ms. michel

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