Bella Filth

Bella Filth
by April May March
Care to fuck
care to rub
car to get in the shower to recreate
scenes from ‘Psycho’
Bella Filth the girl from round the corner
she was into what can only be described as
‘Freaky shit’
the chemistry was there when she burnt me with magnesium
there I was
Little Ray her lab rat
Bella taught me harsh lessons
striking me with Mr Norton’s (her blind neighbour) stick
I can still feel the ringing in my ears
her constantly saying
you’re not doing it right

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  1. Hey man! This poem appeared earlier in the year…i remember ‘Battleship Potemkin’ and the ‘pink mohawk'[and the wrestler from the 80’s]. Say, wait a minute, this is like a X-mas test or something i’ll bet (like “I spy” or “slap jack”). Yeah damnit! I should win a free t-shirt! Cool! uh…2X.
    Surely I am not the first slea-stack to do this; almost certainly I will not be the last…

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