Home at 3am After DJing the Late Shift

Home at 3am After DJing the Late Shift
by christine potter
All the lights are on. The kitchen’s empty
as someone who’s lost her train of thought
but is still speaking. I’ve been speaking for hours
on the radio, spinning music, which
is somewhat like work in a kitchen: hang
the station identification on the top of each hour
like a clean pot that fits neatly
in the rack overhead. On the drive home,
every traffic light was green and I was so tired
I almost forgot what that meant, how lucky it was,
all those wordless permissions to pass. I almost forgot
I was no longer speaking, but rolling through
what was left of the night. If someone were awake,
I thought, he might hear me, the smooth rush
of my tires one long exhalation.
Much of what we hear we don’t mean to.
Like tonight, before I came in, dozens of bats
whirled through the cedars near our door.
A few, round-bellied, dove past lit windows,
but I heard many wings and an impossible density
of chirping as they followed their echoes
to the open, black sky. And looked up at the late stars,
unable to count all the songs.

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  1. Cool read! Night brings out so much in us…especially appreciation for sounds because of the darkness. There’s a lot going on in this poem: driving home with every light turning green (“I was so tired I almost forgot what that meant…”)–nice touch!
    The ‘smooth rush of my tires one long exhalation’ got me too! I kinda felt like i was there when you tapped into so much Poetic awareness. And the ending really clenches with the bats, stars, and songs (tying into the DJ title). I also appreciated the ‘look’ of the poem in 3 stanzas 8-7-8 lines.
    Thanks Ms. Potter!

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