That Talk

That Talk
by gene defcon
Yeah, Dad?
I think it’s time we had that talk
The birds and the bees talk?
Yes, that’s the one
What do you know about the birds and the bees already, Son?
Nothing? You are almost twelve years old! Surely you have heard something
Nope. Nothing
Well, it’s like this: Birds fly. So do bees. But birds aren’t bugs. Bees are bugs
People fly
Yes, Son. People fly, too. In airplanes. But people aren’t bugs, either
Like birds
No, like bees. Bees are bugs. Birds are not bugs
Yeah, I know. I meant, people aren’t bugs just like birds aren’t bugs. I should have made myself more clear
You mean turn invisible.
The correct terminology would be to turn invisible. If you go around saying “make myself more clear” people aren’t going to understand you
Dad, I don’t understand you
I’m sorry. Let me back up. I guess I wasn’t making myself clear
You mean turning invisible
You said we should say turning invisible instead of making myself clear
What are you my insane girlfriend writing down every little thing I say just to throw it back in my face?
No, Dad. I was just…
You were just being a little brainiac know-it-all, weren’t you?
I’m sorry, Dad. Why are you yelling?
Check your files, brainiac, maybe you wrote it down

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