the anything else

the anything else
by shon.25
millions of miles of high wire
they all end here
right here in boise
he took the cow skull back
with only enough decent change to sport a twenty-five cent grin
the cow skull licked at the snow lighting upon its jagged cheeks
it wasn’t what i had been looking for after all
not everything deserves becoming a lamp
humility looks upon us with empty sockets
i played with the seed in my pocket
rolled it in my fingers
wondering how we both got here
until my breathe condensed into comments on the christmas decorations
i asked if the frosted punching bag swinging defenseless from the gray tree
represented mary
perhaps a wise man
who ever gets called jaspar nowadays, anyways?
a rotting pumpkin eyed the warmth of the plastic manger
suddenly i was an intricate witness for this and the stranger
perhaps we were wise men
perhaps we’d stand here forever and it wasn’t just about the quarters
perhaps it was about this modern miracle we’d become
but it wasn’t his lawn
thank god
thank the son of god actually
all of them
even if
he’s praying to go out of season with the rotting pumpkins
even if he prays with a breathe that doesn’t condense
into tiny clouds trying to make-out with something to recognize
i’m only counting thoughts
because little ceramic baby jesus knows
it’s the thought that gets counted
misdirection and the holy ghost
loading a broken horse into the van
wedging my beer into a plastic stirrup
i’m feeling simple
like the only way home
millions of miles of high wire
and other modern miracles
“well, anything else?”
“not unless you need a yard sale sign”
“sure, how much”
>>>> shon.25

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