Cardinal Arc

Cardinal Arc
by shively
He full of fields’ swollen sun, six and seven
Seasons gone, bottled, corkage crystalline glass
Delicate chocolates tantalizing drunken tongue caper berried caviar
Fondue mignon oysters on their deathbed ice white asparagus
Blood red raspberry cognac glaze
Shade grown boutique roast and a touch of Irish from last century
She is gone before the morning slows the frost
dropping upon the branch and grass
from warmth and fire and laying loin to loin
to travel time and pain upon her memory and promise
and lay aghast as unasleeping be assumed
The neighbor with a yard of auto parts
none that would find a market
against unspoken wisdom of the dumbest standards
of wind, rain, fire or vision shackled to the rafters
of skeletal sheds the blackberry bramble deliberate in its betrayal
of property
softening angles and lines
You like a cat
asleep in the flicker of flames
Denying vengeance in the face of evidence and witness
Wanting only all what others have
To prove that you
are better

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