Peacock off

Peacock off
by pat a physics
Green folded wings with puffed chest frill making “B” shapes in the margins was the formula for best peacock ever. He had lost it when he looked down at the page, and there was a future bird in his mind. She had stolen the picture as he ran to the teacher to show her the exciting art. Putting it beneath her books, she put it out of her mind as best she could. He cried and cried when the drawing could not be found. She put on a bewildered face that melted into a relaxed pond of flesh.
Her mother had it framed. The frame came to twenty-eight dollars, but it was worth it to display the bird. How proud she was to have an artist for a daughter. Ice cream flavored success was all she could have expected. She kept the secret for twenty years, and they laughed about it. Yet, it still hurt her when she finally confessed.

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