6th Street in Austin is the Alley of Death for Satans Cheerleader,s

6th Street is the Alley of Death for SATANS CHEERLEADER,S
by peaceloveandjoyce
When I go Down Town to 6th street and see a bar like the Jackalope with Satans Cheerleaders Picture on all the wall,s and sit with some Guy that wants to have Sex with Satan,s Cheerleader,s a Bunch of women with Tatoo,s all over their body prading for Satan The devil himself and a bunch of people getting drunk at the bar with a Hellish Bartender and group of employees living for what the devil is all about makes me wonder when I go by what,s in the next bar on 6th street and the next is our 6th street turning in to the alley of Death Satanist running our entertainment Industry here in Austin.
You may turn the cheek and walkaway but Satan the Devil is for real and this whole world is experienceing the beggening of the Real end times and Satan,s companion,s are coruptive, destructive and Imoral to our society there is no getting better for Satans companion ship it,s always Lie,s , Lies , Lies give me another chance I,ll change Lies Lies Lies just one coruptive force of darkness Imorale people standing around Satan,s cheerleaders edging people on to live in Darkness of Sexually Imorale people Beasteality who wants to be around a bunch of people having animal sex , Child Pornagraphy , Desease and just as much corruption as there can ever be that really Sux and that is the way 6th street is going down hill with Satanist and with a way of life called the darkness and that is more serious than you think for generation,s of 6th street people and partyers festivals and other thing,s on 6th street just the pit,s The end times are here that,s what Satan,s cheerleaders is all about death to the goodness of 6th street and people who use to enjoy it Satans Cheerleader,s. Enjoy it.
The End

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